I was born laughing in Denver, Colorado in 1985. I was a wild kid—fond of Hawaiian shirts, Nintendo, and cowboy boots. I am still fond of these things. I started writing poetry at age ten while attending Flood Middle School, which was torn down. I was only suspended once from Englewood High School, which was also torn down, then rebuilt. I was kicked out of graduation.

I got a degree from the University of Colorado in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. It took me three years and I made one friend. I moved to Chicago during its coldest winter in 40 years to get a master's degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. It took me one year and I made one husband. I live in Denver and Milwaukee, which has been my second home for nine years where I eat pierogis and stare at the water like I've never seen it before.

I've written a unwieldy range. I ghostwrote three books, edited Modern In Denver magazine for two years and Zephyr Press short fiction and poetry journal for one. My latest work is a photographic poetry book called Revelry & Rhyme. I'm also a performance poet and have taken stage in Denver at the TEDx Mile High event, and Wisconsin's Eaux Claires Festival for its third rendition. I enjoy writing and reciting poetry, and love hearing from artists looking to collaborate. 

I have one sister and two parents. I study Ving Tsun Kung Fu. I like rum and puppies. I’m a wild adult, and I hope I die laughing. 

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