National Poetry Month

I know the nation is mourning that another poetry month has come to a close. The ticker tape parades, pony rides, and candlelight vigils will be missed. But really, I would love to see more people embrace the introspection and awe of humanity that poetry provides.

Fortunately, my cousin's girlfriend is one such person and held a poetry segment for her 3rd and 4th grade students last week. She asked me to come recite for them and talk shop. My favorite moment arose when we wrote a poem as a class. Everybody was shouting out words for our poem about being worn out, and one girl hollered: DESPONDENT. Beat drop. I stopped writing on the dry erase board, turned around, and nodding in approval said, "Nice." 

I can never turn down a chance to talk poetry with kiddos. Their honesty is refreshing. Their unapologetic idiosyncrasies are inspiring. Their brightness bewilders. I think I do pretty good hanging with them, but at the end of the day, I'm still just another pony whisperer waiting for a ride to the vigil.