Recreational Poet

My dad has a saying, “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.” So let the fun be had. Chuck grammar out the window and celebrate National Poetry Month any way you know how. Personally, I flew to Austin at the beginning of the month to recite at Austin Rec Center. It’s a DIY venue, not a place of exercise. So this is me doing that.


I was invited out by a true patron of the arts, who I met while he wore an unfortunate walking cast at the Eaux Claires festival last summer. I had a walking cast once. They mess up your back. In any case, it was a warm evening in every sense, full of bright people and generous hearts.

Aside from that, it was nice to see Austin is still just a one horse town.


This cheery trailer was home for the weekend. My best childhood friend flew out to join me, and these close quarters reminded us of our college dorm until a thunderstorm rolled in and rattled the whole tin can. It was fun while it lasted.