Summer Summary

It’s the time of year when small talk consists 90% of how quickly summer passed. But not for me. Summer was slow and delicious. Like getting Starburst out of your molars. It began with a show at Levitt Pavilion opening for my dear old friend, a cosmic songwriter and musician, Esme Patterson. Esme is a poetry lover and occasionally includes me in her sets, which always makes us giddy and childish. We have a song about pizza that we holler with songwriter Megan Fong of Florea while hopping on furniture. It’s very professional.

Me and Es.JPG
Me at Levitt.jpg

Earlier this year I was contacted by Joey Howell of Kangaru Creative about collaborating on a poetry video. We met at Garlic Media Group’s studio to shoot my poem “Dominion.” Now listen. I love lighting. I could fry my retinas peering at James Turrell photos all day. So I appreciate that Joey and his crew of three, including co-founder Trenton Pasic and former lead editor Grace Coomaraswamy, spent four hours setting up colossal lights before I arrived. I love that moment during recording or shooting when something just happens and everything goes perfectly for one take (and one take only). They caught that moment and we’ll be doing a video release for our bottled lightning next month.

Dominion Shoot.jpg

Midsummer hit and for the first time in my life I went on a sonnet kick. The kick is ongoing. The first one I wrote was for Adam Lerner that I recited at a dinner party celebrating the end of his ten-year station as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art. I also recited it at the last Make & Tell at The Made Shop. Oh, and I like putting “Sonnet” in the sonnet title. It’s a nice-sounding redundancy.

Then to bring the season on home I wrote another sonnet (in record time) for my cousin’s wedding. (I wrote one in plenty of time and hated it, so I did this one at zero hour and was pleased.) It’s a simple poem about goodness after the storm. I nod to Milwaukee and its lovely meaning: Good Land. On to fall and more small talk, because after all, it’s better than talking big.