I was born laughing in Denver, Colorado in 1985. I was a wild kid—fond of Hawaiian shirts, Nintendo, and cowboy boots. I am still fond of these things. I started writing poetry at age ten while attending Flood Middle School, which was torn down. I was only suspended once from Englewood High School, which was also torn down, then rebuilt. I was kicked out of graduation.

I got a degree from the University of Colorado in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. It took me three years and I made one friend. I moved to Chicago during its coldest winter in 40 years to get a master's degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. It took me one year and I made one husband. I live in Denver and spend boatloads of time in Milwaukee.

I'm a performance and paper poet. I've recited in Denver for the TEDx Mile High event and took stage twice at the Eaux Claires festival in Wisconsin. I've published articles, essays, and poems in the US and England. 

I have one sister, two parents, and a squeaky baby daughter. I study Ving Tsun Kung Fu. I like rum and puppies. I’m a wild adult, and I hope I die laughing. 

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